Big Changes in 2017!

Happy New Year! We can't wait to get back out on the water. The new year is bringing some big changes for Why Knot Chicago Fishing Charters. We are downsizing boats to a 25 foot fishing machine! This will help us accomplish multiple goals.

The first is being a more green business.  Fishing is all about enjoying the outdoors, and if we don't take care of it for future generations, then we have let ourselves and everyone else down. Going to a smaller boat will help us burn 75% less fuel per trip! This equates to savings for our customers and less impact on the environment. Win, win situation. 

Second, it allows us to get to know our customers better. Smaller boat = smaller groups fishing. We absolutely love getting to know those that fish with us and smaller groups helps us do just that. While bigger groups were fun, we really enjoy taking groups of 1-3 people fishing. 

Third, it allows us to start fishing earlier in the year and extend our season late into November so we can get on the fish before and after all the other boats are gone!

We hope to see all of you guys out on the water in 2017. Our new rates are up on the website and our calendar is being put together as we speak. 

Capt. Brian