Coho is on fire

Let me first thank Brian (the website previous owner) for the kind words of introduction and for the time he took from his busy schedule to walk me true to this website. It’s not an easy task to fill up the space already created with such craftsmanship and true passion for fishing adventures. Speaking of fishing with no further due I would like to share some good news about the great numbers of Coho salmon being caught in the recent couple of weeks. The fish quickly migrated from the south part of the lake in the month of late April and the beginning of May and made a quiet of appearance along the shore line in downtown Chicago. For those who targeted that species the reward was fish limits within an hour or two – for the power-liners and boaters alike. We were fortunate to take our fare share on our fishing trips with some mixed bags of lake trout, Coho and couple of big King salmon. Can’t get any better! Stay tuned for more since the season is getting in full swing and there is more fish to be caught!