How did Salmon get in Lake Michigan?

This ARTICLE from a couple of years ago explains how Lake Michigan's world class salmon fishing got started. We can't wait to see what 2015 brings in terms of size and numbers of King and Coho Salmon. It should be another great year!

Mixed box on Sunday off Chicago

I got out again by myself on Sunday morning and had decent fishing for the 3 hours I had lines in. The fish are moving further off shore as the summer moves along which means long travel times to the fish, but once you get there, the fishing can be red hot! I caught 5 fish and had 10 bites in 3 hours.  A big king salmon was lost on the wire dipsy, but 3 lake trout, 1 coho, and a steelhead weren't as lucky. Why Knot is being pulled this week to put new engines in. We hope to be back in action by the end of August!

Capt. Brian